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ONE is a non-profit organization that exists to support and support people that are coming to Canada. Our team of volunteers offers all their support, which turns into services, which will help people to know the country better and to stabilize themselves with more tranquillity. This job position is to join our marketing team as a Graphic Designer and help with our digital marketing strategies.

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Image by Chris Montgomery


- Be willing to plan and organize academic events and activities, inside and outside class hours; - Be punctual, control class schedules and students attendance;

- Prepare concise classes, according to the students' levels, and update themselves on the topics to be taught and discussed;

- Have a good ability to absorb and, above all, transmit your knowledge;

- Supervise homework to assess and improve students' understanding levels;

- Prepare, supervise and grade exams, questionnaires and other tasks;

Required Qualifications:

Proficiency in spoken and written English;

- Be able to deal with situations where your knowledge of the language can compromise that of the students (if you do not show sufficient vocabulary or grammar at the time of class, give the student feedback at another opportunity); - Be patient, since the position requires dealing with people with low knowledge of the language, at the same time knowing how to work with students with more knowledge of the language;

- Be able to meet occasionally with colleagues and discuss class progress, as well as problems related to student attendance, disinterest, participation and others;

- Be fun, flexible, dynamic, cheerful and always willing.

Working Conditions:

• At least 4 hours of volunteer work per week.

• Live in the Great Vancouver Region (preferred).

• Volunteer

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